Chat Bots


EVM-Bot for Coblenz

This bot is able to provide you live information about the next arriving bus lane according to given start- and endpoint station in the city ‘Coblenz’. You can try it here.

Inline Music-Bot

In every telegram chat you are able to send your friends information about an artist, that you would like to recommend. It’s analog to bots like @imdb, which you already may know. Try it by typing @music_inlinebot.

Telegram Backup-Bot

You can add this bot to your telegram group. After that it will automatically backup all sent media (photos, videos, ..) to a configured owncloud folder.

Check the public GitHub repository.


I’ve written a discord bot to use the time while you are waiting in online gaming queues with your friends. It has a lot of commands like sending you random jokes, cat pics, high voted reddit posts or funny youtube videos. At the moment it’s still closed, but I am currently working on a public repository. Link will be provided here soon or you follow me on GitHub.